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It's usually what we do not have that we ended up wanting to have the most. 

Maternity Photos of yourself will be one of those things...

Just take my words for it. 


Nat - Your Photographer.



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Akron Newborn Photographer / Harper Ann There are so many reason why I love what I do and gaining trust and friendship from clients are two of top reasons.  I met Casey through her sister-in-law, Melissa, two and a half years ago at one of my mini sessions. The Juve family contacted me to do their first born's newborn photos and we have grown a wonderful sincere friendship over the years.  It has been my an honor to watch Ella grows in the past two years, and last week, I got to welcome Harper Ann to the world with my love of photography.  So very sweet to meet you Harper, and cannot wait to watch your grow along with your sister, and my Benny, too ;) 



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Holiday Mini Sessions at Lovely Somethings on Sunday, October 18, 2015  



How long is the session?

15 minutes.

Session will be scheduled back to back so perhaps book two spots if you would like more time.  

I usually get a good number of great pictures though, so I would only recommend double book if you have more than 4 children. 


What all are included in the fee?

3 Digital Images with Print release. Additional files will be available for purchase.


Is it for children only?  Can I get in a few pictures with my kids?

This mini session is intend for children therefore the height of the backdrop will not be suitable for adult or a family picture. However, I would be happy to snap a few shots of you and your kids (if time allow), and upload them to gallery for you, BUT it will not be one of your five images included in the fee. You will have the option to purchase it as an additional files. 


How many children are allow in one 15-minute session? Do I need to sign up for two session if I have two kids?

There is no limit. Siblings are welcome.  Just keep in mind that it is a 15 minute session so if you want more pictures then you may want to sign up for two back-to-back session. 


What is the backdrop going to look like?

I am working on it and will share pictures with you as soon as I have the sneak peek ready! 


Do I really need to pay at the time of booking?

Yes. Your date and time will be show as available to public until the invoice is paid in full.


What if something comes up and I need to cancel?  

You may call me as soon as you find out you need to cancel.  If it is prior to the session, I will send you a full amount for refund. If it is on the day of the session, then I will send a $75 gift certificate to you, to be use toward future session.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.  I hope to meet you soon! 





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Fall 2015 Availability  


















UPDATED: 11/3/2015

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Akron Newborn Photographer // Baby Luca Great morning with the Jirsa family.  Francesca loves for me to just capture the moments so we did just that, and also had fun getting Luca in his newborn outfits and pose with the baseball, bat, and the championship's ring for his daddy. It was a four-hour session full of fun and creativity. 

Thank you so much again for allowing me to create such memories for your family. Here's to many more wonderful moments you will be spending together and to an amazing family you are raising together. Cheers. 

Small moments, Big memories.



Big sister, Gianna. She is a sweetheart. 


These ones for DADDY! So so so sweet.


Nursing time and kisses from big sister.



Mommy and Daddy made that - LUCA. His nursery was just perfect. Crafty parents!


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First morning with Baby Luca // Akron Newborn Photographer It was four months ago when Francesca and I sat down and look at save the dates for Luca's Newborn session. Time flies, and he is here. He was born yesterday morning. So glad I got to visit him today and got some early pictures of him with his proud parents. So precious. I am very excited and looking forward to our newborn session in a week. Mommy has got some great ideas for her baby boy!

Welcome to the world, Sweet Luca.



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Special Creative Baby Mini Session / Akron Baby Photographer
I have posted on my Facebook about how I was inspired by a creative mom, Queenie Liao, who have turned her baby's naptime into a dream adventures and create amazing photograph of her 3 months old son. Well, I gave it a try at home the morning Ben turned six months, and here are some of the facts I would like to share with you, which will also explain why I am coming up with Plan B for our Special Creative Baby Mini Sessions next month.

Before I went on to do a big set up at the studio, I set up a quick story in my living room at home on Ben's play area rug, went to pick him up from his crib, he woke up, and that was the end of my attempt to get a sleeping baby image similar to what Queenie Liao did with her son. 

To complete this project successfully, 

-You probably want to do this when your baby is a newborn to about three months.  

-Baby must be in a deep sleep.

-You must have a lot of time on your hand.

-You must have all of your setting set up, ready for the sleeping baby.

-You must know exactly what your baby is going to wear before you even nurse him that day, dress him in it, nurse him carefully so you dont get anything on his outfit, and hope that he doesn't wake up in the middle of your shoot.

I had fun working on these with Ben but then I laughed at myself to even thought I could schedule a sleeping baby! So unfortunately no mini session for this idea BUT I will definitely work with you one-on-one if you would like to do something like this with your baby at your house or my studio, as long you as you have time, patience, willing to work with me, and understand that even magic takes time :)

Plan B for our creative baby session is cooking up. Will post details and booking information when it is all done and ready to launch. 

In a meantime, here are some of the images of Ben from our little session at home for a little smile...


and here are some more of baby Ben just as baby are from the same morning.




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Love Wins / Akron Photographer Love Wins.

I met Mike and Greg and started to work on our open ended Love Project back in October of 2012 when same sex marriage in all 50 states was still far from supreme court ruling.  I named our project Season Change.  The goal was to capture their love in different season, in hope that by the time we finish with our project, they will be legally allowed to marry and perhaps use all the photos as part of the celebration at the wedding.

Well, the day has come soon enough and I could not be any more happier for Mike and Greg, as well as, all of my gay friends.  I am honored to have captured the wonderfulness of their relationship and look forward to document more happiness and love on their wedding day. 

I could only imagine the joy in their heart and of those who love them.  

Here is the thoughts on the ruling from Mike: 

Greg and I have been together for 15 years. In that time we've watched many of our friends meet, fall in love and marry. We've been waiting our turn. Justice Anthony Kennedy described our feelings exactly during his and the Supreme Court's ruling yesterday, "No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice and family. In forming a marital union, two people become something greater than once they were." We look forward to sharing the rest of our days together as husbands. Recognized as such by not only our friends and family, but by our community, our state and our great nation.

Some photos from our Love Project: Season Change


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Limited Time Offer - Family Portrait Session / Akron Family Photographer Limited time offer. 

Book your session by Monday June 15th.  

Session must be scheduled in the month of June and July only. 

Please contact Nat for availability.

Hope to see you soon! 


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Akron Newborn Photographer / Baby Rowan Precious little. 

Baby Rowan and his big brothers. 

Sweet boys.



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Akron Mini Session Photographer / Mother's Day Mini Session 2015 Mother's Day minis are my favorite of all minis. It will be more special this time around as I have recently become a mother myself. Lets celebrate this special day together and make this Mother's day one of the most memorable for both of us!

This year sessions will be held at The Stables at Rose of Sharon.  My good friend Jillian Pelland of Farm Parties at The Stables will put together a special Mother's Day Farm Party for everyone from 10am-4pm. We will be in an open field and have access to rustic farm features for each of your sessions.  And she may surprise me and your little ones with a petting zoo, too! 

As always, this session is specially reserved for children and mothers, grandmothers, and aunts. No limit number of children. Bring one, bring all. I am very excited to have booked this location and cannot wait to capture yet another precious moment for you! 

Click here to reserve your time slot today :)

Hope to see you at the stables!


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Akron Newborn Photographer / Not a Typical Newborn Session  

After all the years, I still find it harder to do pictures for a close friend...not sure why, but I sure hope you love these quick sneak peek as much as I do, Bethany :) Love all of you to pieces.

Welcome to the world my little niece, Ada :)



My Favorite!





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Akron Newborn Photographer / Baby Harrison & Siblings  

This was the shortest newborn session ever! We got it done in one hour. Gotta love when mom knows exactly what she wanted and the children and baby cooperated so well.  Special thanks to the twins for their little helping hands :)




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Akron Engagement Photographer / Alicia and Tim From Ohio to Illinois and Wisconsin - the story started at John Carroll, they meet again in Illinois, and now all settled in South Carolina. Thank you Alicia and Tim for trusting me to document your love and togetherness today. I hope you guys enjoyed this morning as much as I did. It was a great fun hanging with both of you.

(Crossing my fingers that I get to document their big day twelve months from now ;) 


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Akron Pet Photographer / Zeus - the handsome Boston Terrier Karrin wants to get a print of Zeus with a really cute writing for her mom's birthday present. Check out what we did.  It was fun but sure was not easier than working with baby and children! 



and the finished poster is...
Just too cute!
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Akron Newborn Photographer // Piper Penso

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Akron Mini Session Photographer/ Easter 2014 Another successful mini session - a sweet day with some of the sweetest kids around! Thank you Barre Pose Studio, Thank you clients, Thank you Robin Berry, Thank you thank you :)



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Akron Fun Photographer/ An hour at the West Side Market The plan was to do a styled session at Edgewater Park but of course the temperature dropped - so we ended up at the always awesome West Side Market instead :)

Consider this an example of what we can get from an hour of Fun Session at any of your favorite location! 


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Akron Maternity Photographer / LBs Belly Memory Lydia and Caleb are two of my close friends.  They are two of the most sincere and awesome people I know.  I love everything about them, admire their life style, and so very happy for them when I heard they were expecting.  Even happier when they called and wanted to do pictures!  Session took place at their apartment which was perfect.  I just kinda show up, hang out, took some pictures and here they are.  Captured everything I wanted to and very pleased with what I see I didn't even bother to crop anything out.  Love everything about it.

Lydia and Caleb, Thanks again for the opportunity. I am honored to be your friend and photographer. 


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Akron Family Photographer / The Jensens  


Stephanie - "So bummed you're leaving today!! These are the exact types of snowflakes I was hoping to capture in pics!!"

Me - I'm still here. but headed to a session in 10 minutes - I'll be in touch today if anything gets cut short :)

...and we met later that day.

We had fun burying our feet in deep snow and hopping in and out of the car making these photos - with special thanks to KitKat and Starbucks.  

Love Ohio! No matter what they say ;)



& and a few extras of Nolan showing me his Trains table at home :)



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